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November 14, 2011

Muslimah sekarang makin cetek ilmu ... ????

Minta maaf jikalai tajuk begitu terlalu over dan umum..

1st of all I wanna say that actually what I meant was 'several' of them..

I am shocked when I have my morning newspaper and viewed one slimming course advertisement :

Okay, I know I am not appropriately dressed up too..
I'm not wearing purdah
I'm not wearing tudung labuh
I'm not wearing abaya

And I'm really wishing that I will one day..

But I am now trying my best to dressed up properly according to syariah, to cover chest, wear long dress to cover my back and wear loose pants/long that my 'aurah' is not shown to public...

But this is too much.. too much dear women...

I didn't mean to humiliate them.. neither intended too...(so i covered their faces n names)

I think it's time for us to learn what is the real meaning of "covering aurah"
We have to save our Islamic "akidah"..
Please..please..women... we've been created with the most beautiful "gift" which is aurah..

Secara kasarnya, i think it's best for them to dress up as above without's just humiliating the function of the hijab itself..



euwwww, kerana duit la dorg mcm tu

cLovErX said...

mcmana tu encik azat??