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November 14, 2011

Criminal child...

Above is one of frontpage's story of today's newspaper ( update ini adalah lambat sbb hari ni busy menjadi suri rumah sambil menderita sakit2 tulang belakang..adoooii)

So the news is about a current study by JKM (Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat) on nowadays kid's case of crimes... and they stated one of it is : separating the smart and the less-smart pupils at school .

I am kind of on the less-agree side .

Why? :

1. There'll be less competition amongst them and the spirit on improving will gone ( wujudnya kelas2 atas & kelas2 bawah dpt menjadikan pelajar berusaha untuk maju ke kedudukan yg lebih baik/ masuk ke kelas lebih atas..)
2. The less-smart pupils will have problem to catch up if the teacher used the usual way of teaching on smart pupils.
3. On the other hand, smart pupils 'might' get bored if the teacher slow down the speed of teaching to focus on the less-smart pupils.
4. The less-smart pupils might get bored also and losing the spirit to learn as the teachers only concentrating on other pupils.

So, cadangan mencampur adukkan pelajar adalah kurang effektif sebenarnya. Apa yang mereka perlu lakukan ialah dengan mengharmonikan relation between them even the are in the seperated classes, mcm kat certain countries ... they do :

1. Effective co-curriculum after school and focusing on both smart and less-smart pupils.
2. Any activities to do together as they can learn through each other.
3. Teachers have to put more attention/effort towards less-smart pupils in different ways. eg. doing extra classes/interesting methods.

Kadang2 certain teachers, they are so ignorant that they think the less-smart pupils are useless so it's useless to teach them anything... ( I am really angry with that !! )
Kita tak tahu kat mana kepandaian mereka, mungkin bukan pada akademik tapi kat tempat lain. So, perkara2 di atas adalah cara utk mereka mengenalpasti kelebihan mereka yg akan membawa kebaikan pd diri mereka akan datang.

Besides of the parents actions, teachers also have to let them broaden their behaviour. As schools is another medium for kids to learn after home..

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