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March 4, 2009


this post is not exactly about iron which bring mean of "sterika"...not also about iron that found everywhere at construction's about iron (Ferrum) nutrient in your food..(well, those iron contain Ferrum "oso" lah..)

this special week for K9 as we are having our "Pesta Hari Terbuka Kolej 9", will be filled with loads of activities,n this afternoon was a session for National Blood Donation. i went down 4 a lunch regardless knowing there's a bunch of people laying on a "kerusi panjang" n said to Afa (roomate) "wut d hell is goin on here..dining table is gone..where supposed to lunch?lantai ke" ...

usually, students here will take their meal at the "dewanmakan" so, the dining table supposed to be full filled in there lah.but we saw like just 4-5 tables n we guessed that others might have their lunch in room but we didn't bring the "tapau" as we planned to eat downstairs.

then after a bit more steps ahead n a little bit "whooped", with my fingers on my lips i do realize
that "owh,God i forgot there's a blood donation campaign today..."

i love doing sumthing job like this.if there any "fat donation" pun i might be the front-line person.haha..then,rushed having the lunch,n with the hand "berbau ikan" even i did washed(as makcik dewanmakan so "kedekut" to fill the sabun container at the sink),i rushed to a table for a registration, that u must do before doing the blood donation.this is my 2nd time after last year's campaign in UM also.

n then my turn come to check the weight n bloodtype test.after a while there was a husky sound "omg!i've gained 1kg!" (n ofkoz my weight is a big big secret that i dunwanna put in here) with a glummy n a bit fustrated face =( .then i sat beside the "kakak nurse" who was gonna "cucuk" my finger n it was a bit "oucched" as i am afraid of blood ( not of "jarum" anymore).
i didn't look at any condition of my finger,let it be..let it be ( n i could feel my fingertips was sweating) until i felt sumthing's wrong, in my head.."eh,lame nye..tak abes2 g ke??" y'd on earth did the "kakak" not finished yet taking my blood? then, a sighed came.i turned my head on her "sorry adik,tak boleh derma darah, tak cukup zat besi"........

and i was in a bit blur,erk..."zatbesi"?? funny lah...frustatedly walking towards Afa n Azai. n i could see how my face is faced that time = (frust + blur) "frustatedly blurr"
n i got a lot of laughs..Afa's n Azai's....

iron ball..hell no i'll eat this..hohohoh

(is anyone can tell me, if iron such as "besi katel" boleh makan tak..banyak kt bilik nieh..hoho)

-iron (Ferrum) is the 4th row element

  • iron/ferrum's shell electron
  • 26 electrons
  • 4 orbitals with 2 electron valence at outer orbital

sorryla, ter"dragged" u into this crayyzee chemistry world

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