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January 23, 2009

1901- a must try-"in thing"-light meal

Last friday i went for prchasing movie tickets at Midvalley.The movie is the next day show but,afraid of GSC might becrowded n tickets would be sold out,so i decided to buy it today,so then tomorrow we won't walk around with the dissapointing faces,or rushing evrywhere to get in the long line at the cinema.Then, with the sunny day,n it was soooo hot,waiting for theT631 rapidKL bus (b4 dat i act waited 4 k9'th <9th> shuttle bus for almost half an hour but as usual,negative..)mymood was not in a good stage la.imagine,dah wait setngh jam,then panas lak tu..then,tggu bas lg satu taksmpai2..mane tak jd unstable hormone trasnformation :P..naseb baek i did wear clothes that boleh dterima pakai la kalau nk jalan2 kat mid tu.if i was just wore k9 t-shirt wif trackbottom..hell no i will go there..huhuhu..

Then the story was..after arriving,walkinglike japanese (jalan laju),getting the ticket (Underworld 3), then i went lower ground,as my roomate (afa) ask my favor to find a small sling bag,so i went there to survey if there any...then at a glance of sight (chewwah), i did see a stall that i've not been there long time.long ago,(4,5years la) the smell is still like before..what did attract me was the 1901 logo makes u feel hungry even u were not!hahaha..(scary huh?) but i don't care,i bought the Texas Ted and guess what,the set is only at RM9.90!!!(with a really2 marvelous mash potato n a beverage -u can choose either bicarbonated or fresh juice) n the toppings was just can't get enuff n making u feel want more n more~(tht's act wut i feel rite now :P) The breadwas so soft,the sausage is big enuff..i bet some of u might share it but i dideat it a whole by myself!! ( now u can see how much i loooved this).The hotdog come in 6 meals,n differ with vary kind of people me,i choose Texas Ted cozi jz lovve the melting cheese n i dun really into salad.

new york chicken
chicago beef
texas ted
coney dog
minnesota bites
deutsch doodle dang


what's the most coolest on earth is,on 19th of everymonth,we can get the hotdog meal at just RM1.99 !!!! but i dun really sure la wether single meal or set,but i think single la..kalau set,mmng haru,bankrupt ler...

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