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March 25, 2009

i want my money!!!

today was the uncountable-th times i went to Pejabat Bendahari was on bright shiny afternoon with full of dizziness on my head..and ofkoz it was so hot..and ofkoz it was enuff for me to feel uncomfortable...n put my mood on highly unstable mode.. always..i do can predict what they gonna tell me..and yes,it was true..

"we're sorry..we couldn't determine where is your cash right now"
"we still don't get any conformation from bank about your cash"
"we couldn't inform you that the cheque is still running here or not"

what the HELL are theseee stewwpeedddd words that i kept hearing about 2 MONTHS AGO!!

it's coming to end of this semester..and i still havn't get my Pinjaman Kerajaan Negeri Selangor. by refund bank through Bendahari Universiti Malaya..
i supposed to get the cash on 20th January 2009, and it's 25th March now...over 2 month..
what the hell did bendahari did with my money???!! i want my money! my right!!masalahnye..why'd on earth did UM put my bank account yg tak aktif,5 tahun sudah mase aku kat AAJ tuh...what's the point aku pgi mmeantkan dii beratur mcm org gila wat account BankIslam...huh!!!


faizulmohamad said...

alah... it's always happen la.. i waited for one year for my, kan?

cLovErX said...

reallllllyyy Faizul???!!!!,tak boleh jadilah mcmnie!tau tak,derg simpan lelame tuh derg dpt baper percent taw.menci2~~!!..duwet i derg pegang ni msalahnye RM4K!!