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March 6, 2009

what a grateful morning~~

When the last time you did something good for others? Have u heard about “buat baik dibalas baik”? (Assuming good faith repay with goods).
It’s hardly seen especially in this metro social life of K.L..but until this morning, I found myself in fortunately filled with gratitude. I was kinda late for lecture (not too late if I had transport),it was about 8.50 am when I was passing by the K9’s main gate. I dunno whether the bas was there and left early (as usually he’ll come around 8.50, tak pun, 2-3 minit sblum kul 9 baru terhegeh2 nak dtg) or he didn’t came at all,but i was very sure it was late for me to wait as other people gone already.
So, dengan gagah nye me menuju ke fac. Walking lah nieh. Dahla just had sarapan, i walked with the heavy bag n heavy stomach (which is full with Nasi Lemak..)huhuuh...But then, after about 100m I walked,a metallic greened-Viva stop by beside me. A girl inside the car asked me where to go and offered a ride as iIwas walking alone. I was like Alhamdulillah~~~so baik hati the 2 girls. The were too nice with me and after a little chat along the way to campus, I found that they both a Fakulti Pendidikan's student ( Faculty of Education) and doing TESL, I remembered one was Zarina, n one who’s drove was Suraya, both the 3rd year. Huhuhu..syukur Alhamdulillah u guys gave me the ride n thankfully i felt for them. So happy n relief to meet some nice people that still exist..huhuhu...
Thanks to Zarina n Suraya, Tessels's student, Cempaka's block...thanks a lot

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