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We live to learn, and learn to live.... Life is not a fairytale, nor a princess story... Even after thousand times been deceived.. The greatest point is where we able to stand up from fallen apart...

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March 28, 2009


I embed here..a must see-video clip about Earth Hour Malaysia 2009
(kinda funny n cute!)

but,actually..i felt a bit dissappointed on our contribution on this campaigne...( sorry for not doing any supports in my blog as i couldn't get enuff time lately...) i did feel excited before the Earth Hour 2009 campaigne and i felt like i wanna turn off all lights..n walking around outside watching how "GELAP" MALAYSIA will be...but.......i was in KTM komuter and around midvalley's bustop during EarthHour and what i saw was...K.L was still bright..there's a lot of people didn't switch off that Edition's creation especially private apartments,hostels...

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