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March 5, 2009

newbies on my shopping list

today's lecture day ended up with walking back for college through Mahsa. today's menu might be stretchable-"sotong sambal" or crispy "udang kertas" (dimasak bersama kulit-kulit dan kepalanya).so i decided to "singgah"the mini market to buy something for dinner.

i grabbed 2 "air kotak" milo n bought spinach soup (ala, bayam tumis air laaaa..),n just before paying, i saw in a glance a rack that filled with instant noodles. one pack that attracted me which it was written in green "Spinach Mee" on it.....

"ha,yg ini bagus kot.tak mcam megi lain"

me murmured there,alone, making another attraction for others.they might think, what a "cerewet" girl i am... or i was on my budget so i got to calculate first the
price....(that was really happened when i went shopping "barang dapur" with Ayah)

then, i get back to my room..and my roomate, Azai saw what i did buy, commented with a little silly and insulting laugh..." ko ni bia btul Erna,sakan beli brg berzat besi nieh"

~haih~i'v got to change my list on shopping lah..really.
spinach on the first,then goes Milo..or Horlick...
aiseymen...iron oh besi~~

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