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January 16, 2009

AJL 23

the AJL (anugerah juara lagu muzik2) is jz around the corner..this sunday..n i am stuck in here..couldn't get back home for it!!!...soooo saddd!!! i was thinking spending this weekend at Nilai n waiting to watch my fav every year i didn't miss it!it was one of my 'wajib tonton' tv programme..n i really hope this time Estranged will won again..nyeheheh..i dunno la but i think they'ra the greatest.'s true that this year is more competitious one as Stacy,MeetUncle Hussein,Ziana Zain,Elyana n other great singers like them could make to the finale.but i don't care..if not Estranged,i wait for Elyana..or MUH..or sofaz..hehehe..
Anugerah Juara Lagu 23 - this sunday - 18th January 2009 - 21.00 pm TV3

The song that could make trough to the finale:

Etnik Kreatif:

  • Doa Dalam Lagu nyanyian Zahid dan Heliza
    Lagu & Lirik: Ajai/Loloq

  • Dusta Berkalang - Aiman
    Lagu & Lirik: Ajai/Loloq

  • Persoalan Cinta - Farawahida
    Lagu & Lirik: Julfekar/Ku Seman & Izza Rosley


  • Sampai Syurga - Faizal Tahir
    Lagu & Lirik: Audi Mok/ Faizal Tahir

  • Bila Nak Saksi - Spider
    Lagu & Lirik: Tam (Spider)/Loloq

  • Dingin - Ziana Zain
    Lagu & Lirik: Azlan Abu Hassan/ Azalea

  • Hanya Di Mercu - Ayu (OIAM)
    Lagu & Lirik: Aubrey Suwito/ Habsah Hassan

  • Cuba - Faizal Tahir
    Lagu & Lirik: Audi Mok/ Faizal Tahir

  • Lagu Kita - Aizat
    Lagu & Lirik: Aizat

    Pop Rock:

  • Kalis Rindu - Elyana
    Lagu & Lirik: Aidit Alfian/Ad Samad

  • Lagu Untukmu - Meet Uncle Hussain
    Lagu & Lirik: Taja, Tass, Lan/Taja, Tass

  • Yang Pernah - Estranged
    Lagu & Lirik: Estranged

  • Aku Stacy - Stacy
    Lagu & Lirik: Intan Norul Azlin/ Inton Norul Azlin & Layla Ismail

  • Bukan Di Sini - Sofaz
    Lagu & Lirik: Zimi & Aremeer/One.

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