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January 19, 2009

mEeT uNcLe huSsEiN rOck!!!!

Yeay!!!!...last nite was the best event ,the bestrest moment when they announce that M.U.H is the winner for the 23rd Anugerah Juara Lagu TV3..just before that,me n my roomates didn't assuming of their winning as they just won for one category (Pop Rock) while Faizal Tahir had already won 3 category (Balade, Best Vocal, Best perfomance) we thought that he would win the AJL..but..who expect that this year, finally~~they got it~!! this is the 2nd time that my won when last year the winner was Estranged..make me really2 satisfied recently n couldn't wait for watching AJL 3days ago...

Actually the song (Lagu Untukmu) was long ago aired on the radio..since the release of telivision drama KAMI TV series...n from that day,M.U.H were well indie band...pure indipendent..but not anymore as they have their recording comp. themselves..but the MAIN point is....before this song became famous..i was 1 of the fan that almost evryday stick my ears on radio speaker waiting for the Lagu Untukmu song..n that vividly what make me the very happy of their winning...Go Indie!Live Indie!...Love Indie..n Love M.U.H!! u're Rock! beb!

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