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We live to learn, and learn to live.... Life is not a fairytale, nor a princess story... Even after thousand times been deceived.. The greatest point is where we able to stand up from fallen apart...

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January 17, 2009

sTop wAr..eNd tHe suFfErs iN GAZA!!
We condemn the missile strikes that have killed hundreds of Palestinians in the Gaza strip as a brutal and murderous form of collective punishment!!

The following text is from a BBC eyewitness report in Gaza City:
“Doctors say the operating rooms are full and the morgues are full and they have no place to put the dead bodies. They are asking for every doctor who is not working today to come and help. We have seen in the streets of Gaza today and this evening many funerals . . . It’s a very bad situation . . . There were Israeli aeroplanes everywhere, hitting everywhere. You could see smoke from north to south, from west to east. The people are really in a panic. The main object for the people now is to find a secure place to secure their family. Gaza has no shelters, it has no safe places. The Hamas security compounds are in the middle of the city - it’s not the kind of place where you see compounds outside the cities.”

how u feel about this?children,women,old citizen were killed,bombes in the attack.they suffer a lot..n they are innocent..what r the wrong they did,that led them to such this cruel destiny.neighborhood,city,schools were bombed..aren't they Israelis aware that they all have right to live,to take a sip of breath,living like other people harmonis..
how if their children n wife be killed like that??of course they feel so sad,angry,but that won't do anything more..cause the life have gone..there's no point for the victim to feel like that anymore..
what kind of living things they are..wait..are they supposed to be call a living things?they have no feel,symphathy lyke others..they have no right to be called living things..or worst,humans..they are the cruel devil

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