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January 20, 2009

tHaNkYoU MOM n DAD~~~

There's a reason y i should feel so emotional n sensitive these few days..i got a new whity-cutie-small lappy last sunday...n it was my gift..even it was brought on mom's burfday..n mom herself was the one whu ordered it(so thankful for her)...i talked about this matter already wif her month ago,that i not really need a laptop as i got my old pc..just not have been repaired yet..still in my i thought of sending it to pc workshop this Chinese New Year's break....only to find that she already bought it for me...whoaaa(fell lyke wanna cry)..
So last sunday at night,my dad came for my college,to give me the cute,white color,8" Acer Aspire One..a week before,dad told me the lappy had gone trough lot loads of updating,repairing process as almost everytime it would stuck,jam n hang..n always get stuck n hang..i dunno y..i can't open much programme/folder at one time..i dun care that much la as long i could use it for doing my assignments..

so cute 'aite??ought to handle wif care ^^

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