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We live to learn, and learn to live.... Life is not a fairytale, nor a princess story... Even after thousand times been deceived.. The greatest point is where we able to stand up from fallen apart...

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January 21, 2009

1st time n' gayat~~

"Oh,my god--plz save me"....that was my expression when 1st time ride a bike with him in K.L..u guys knew how d road in K.L is 'aite??with all the traffic jam,n a loads o' cars stuck in here n there..i,ride on the back of him..n praying, tapping my teeth on my lips,eyes wide afraid if sumthin if suddenly...gayat funny kan??huhhu..jakun,never ride a bike as this before..
motorcycles..never thought of riding it ..but that was fun..i thought much dasyat than riding a rollercoaster..but solero shot was the psycho!ahaks!

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