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May 21, 2009

i've been tagged again

Again...i have been tagged by FAiZULiCiOUS..againn..hahaha..


1- Use GOOGLE IMAGE to search answers for all the questions below.

2- Choose a picture from the first page of the results and posts it as your answer.

3- Then, tag 5 people.

1) Your next birthday
1st June 2009 can't find the appropriate one la..all they had so mengarut!

2) Places I like to travel

Mekah (umrah/haji)

yellowknife, canada

3) Favourite food

the pic said it all ;)

salmon grilled(aduhh...tercabar iman..)

ketiau ladna(yummy!!lapar2!!)
4)Favourite Things

handphone( funny..)



5)Your Nickname

Erna(uih..taksangke lak name aku ade...jgn tanye aku maksud gmbr nie!!)


7) Favourite colour

the combination of pink and green

8)my hero

My dad..(but i couldn't find my dad's image..even i did key in my dad's name..what did appear was the image of Fadilah Kamsah..hahaha..funny..)

Salahuddin Al-Ayubi

9)my hobbies

listening to my Nano

reading novels(currently New Moon)

10) My wishlist
getting married....(woah!!dun laugh!!..i'm serious!!)
being a genius
driving Brian O'Connor's R34

getting slim

wardrobe full of trillion pairs of shoes

lakehouse (i really2 wish 2 hav a house like this when i get married)

Nicon D5000

....okay...that's all..fuuhh..tired with all these pics!..okay,time to tag 5 peoples :-

1. My siz, Fira
2. Mr. YamamuraKazuma
3. Miss Vamp (Azai)
4. Miss BerryLala (mu siz's fren)
5. Mr.Joe Labu

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