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May 11, 2009


Lately, i got xtra free time that allow me to lay my butt in front of t.v n watching some new programs for me...and this slamball show did pull my attraction to it. Apparently,this show got high impressive ratings and media fervor. It shows up in AXN and ESPN.I felt in love in this in-thing sport when we were met each other in serendipity when a 'mamak' stall got a visit by me (F.Y.I it was once in a blue moon as i am not really into Mamak's cooking) n since i get chances conquering televisyion remote controller almost every 'day' (not in the evening after my sister Najiha came back from school).

The game's kinda new,it started on 2001. It may seems like playing Basketball but here's the main differences; the court; below the padded basketball rim and backboard are four trampoline set into the floor which serve to launch players to great heights for "slamdunk"...( yeaa..i like this part..say it againn~~SLAMDUNK!)

I think this game's more amused n enjoyable than basketball. i kinda like the "slam" thing here..those players seems hardly dying n trying to get into the "island" n once the hit n jump onto the "trampoline", they flow high to get to the basket n slam it! damn! that was so "kakkoi"(macho la) for me.wanna try one time but dunno whether they got this game here in Malaysia or not..(but i bet surely i couldn't slam unless they bring the basket lower..hahah)

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Personally,i like Ameer Ismaeel from Hombres coz he's so cute ;P.Rumble got a player named Anthony Mayers so terrific,spectular,impressive n plays like crazy but i can't bear looking at his beard...hahahaha

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