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December 29, 2010

the ayunar

hye, halu to all of you peeps...

apparently, recent addictive wear : shawls have got so much creativity on the user
one of it : wearing of inner

and i found a superb lady that found a superb INNER AYUNAR

click the image to view her blogpage

the inners are unlike others :-
  • made by jersey-like material : make it easy to shape up like pointed around the forehead.
  • they came in 3 types : monotone ( 1color), 2tone and 3 tone
  • and they are reversible !!!
okay, i don't talk about it much if i hadn't wore it by myself :-

i bought reversible 2 tone - red + babyblue

left : i make the red one on the front, the grey one is another inner

right : the blue side is on the front which i made it as a monotone, with another inner at the back

the best part is, we can choose the color we desired and the price is depend on the tone.
so you can see the color pallets HERE

other than that, pretty much pretty shawls also available there..
okay, enough with that, i'm getting tired here... just look it for yourself, click down here peeps....enjoy~~

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