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January 23, 2011

Morning news....

Salam dan Selamat Pagi...sehat ke semua??

Woke up so early today sebab have to go to Kuala Kelawang to pick up my very the "manje-and-mengada2" brother back home... (see how mengada he is? hari outing shaja pown nk balek rumah)
Then, baca2 soratkhabar terbaca plak pasal ni

klik imej untuk pembesaran

carik news ni dlm online untuk screenshot tapi takjumpa so saya scan saja..poyo lak...hehehe..
well , it's quite not a big bang for current issue.. memang dah lama kaki2 blogging ini mengguna blog mereka sbg platform utk menambah pendapatan sampingan..

nuffnang add, nama yg tak asing lagi bg seluruh penghuni blogger..
it's like a trend nowadays, mostly bloggers would join nuffnang as their one of side income source.. maybe i will try to learn about it later...

see who's pic on the paper??redmummy... the LOVE DIVA :D

maybe erna kena belajar mcmne nk letak nuffnang adds as another side income source sbb tengok org leh dapat riban2 sebulan... takpayahla lagi jual donat... hehehe

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