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July 3, 2010

Jorinn gadis magic, Jorinn gadis cantik

Last Friday, i was given a chance to watch "Apa Kata Wanita" a RTM tv1 programme which i barely had time to watch, and the guest was a full with grace young girl who presented a dance i thought at first, until she did some trick that realized me it was a magic show!
The out of ordinary attraction was the 1 MALAYSIA theme she brought along with the flow of the show and of course 'she' is a 'girl'

the face-changing-mask

the face behind the mask

Jorinn Chee Ka Yee , is just a normal 16 years old student of SMJK Yu Hua,
Kajang, Selangor until she set the crowd to thrill with her extraordinary 1 Malaysia themed cultural magic performance. Specialty in 300-year old-art face changing, she just not only does tricks but also doing Chinese, Indian, Malay cultural dance alongside the performance.

Magic is just a nonsense with me when i don't even get a single trick between them...owh and i still remember how my face looked like i'v eaten a cat when my boyfriend did some tricks of cards in front of me. I was like to run away from him though he might "bela" some "syirik2" funny..
Jorinn with her brother Galvin

But what i adore with this young girl is her spirit and passion.On some of her interviews she stated that she was into magic when she was young and had taken some lessons with several magic performance in Genting. It hit her when apparently she received a Merlin Award which worldwide-famous magician, David Copperfield once had received on of them... In conjunction with that, she received the Malaysian Book of Records for the most youngest magician in Malaysia...

Literally she leave some advice for us, to be the most greatest person for ourselves, don't forget to fill 'passion' and 'eager' in hardwork...


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Jorinn Chee said...

thanks for your lovely write out <3