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June 19, 2009

Save Our Environment Jom!

Yea..i know i'm a bit out of line..not too late i fact..there's no such specific time or date to remind ourselves about how important to always keeping our environment in a "healthy", "fleshy" condition, even the World Environment Day is hosted annually on 5th June along the week.

This year theme was "Your Planet Needs You - Unite to Combat Climate Change" is positively our world is having its climate change..heyy..duncha feel hot nowadays??! n we can see vividly when Malaysia was attacked by "Jerebu" lately..this is the signs of how silly n carelees we are in controlling our keeping our mother nature..

The Ministry of Health itself said that during that days..our country is full with dust, smokes..n the clarity of the sky goodnes, driving was hesitately even ur chest is closed to the steering wheel..( i was at Kuantan that time)

And i was accidentally watching some tv show..there was a campaign and an organization showed us 1 way on how to save ur money n save environment....the remainder of uncooked or unused vegies can be a cleaning detergent! whoaa..this's the ways..
  1. Put the vegetables in a water..about 5-6L
  2. Add some "gula merah" about half packet (500g)

  3. Leave it for 2-3 month n u can use them as for cleaning floor. Easy right??!!

One more thing is..our "POLYSYTERENE" u know the fact about it??

Polystyrene or we usually called if "TAPAU" or "POLiSTREN" is a plastic which is made by vinyl polymer..a really2 long hydrocarbon chain ( n of coz,one of petroleum stuff)..this chain is hardly biodegradable and it may take hundred years. During this period, any gases could emerge which cause our land feel more hot...(like methane n carbon dioxide)

Some environmental issues said WE are still have lack of consumer awareness on how serious this problem is. A few days ago, another accidentally i heard an ad on the radio about a guy who buy "lauk nasi bungkus" (foods) using his "mangkuk tingkat" (sort of tupperwares) and i was like..hey..what a nice n smart act! that advertisement is actually great! we can save our world by juz using our own tupperware to "tapau" foods from more polystyrene guys..c'mon..if u think this's kinda embrass u n may cost u to wash the dish...let me ask much ur water-bill u have to pay for washing the tupperware..comparing to the prices that we and our grandchildren have to pay even to have a sip of fresh,clean oxygen in the future......let's think about it...

u wanna use this??? stop right now!!!
think about ut future!
this thing will make u could not breathe...

this thing will make u fell hot all day (even at night!)
this thing..even u have thrown it away..u're gonna met them again!!

so..let's us both of us..we are eco-friendly!!! we are not gonna make ur life miserable!!!! have fun with us!!

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