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December 1, 2008


29th~30th December 2008

this was when the "Khatam Al-Quran" ceremony..the night before the wedding..the bride n 6 other cousins finished the last "juzuk" of the Holy Quran one by one's turn..from left:- me, Afifah, Wiwin, Kak Ima (the bride), Atikah, Intan(my sis), Mia

It's a normal scenery on school holidays for you got tangled-hairy day plus giddy head when received a bunch of wedding invitation,run in confusion,which one to go first,which one to leave behind...but thinking that's bestfriend's wed,this is cousin's, there were 4-5 more cards which were another "bestrest" collegues's or someone's that helped you a lot on assignments during colleges day..or your sis's friends who onced everyday came n visited you at home..
So,the story is about "weding season" in Malaysia,which are always happen during school holiday..yet,another tangling things that you have to order n plan together with your holiday planning n ofcourse..your leave application for your boss...
Last week only i received 3 wedding invitation ( 1 with no card as my fren invited all his buddy via virtual ways, an e-card,of course).then, absent from my 2 other friends',i decided to go on my cousin's wed,i promised to help her during her most memorable day.early morning on 6 i got a text message from my friend,telling me how much she missed me as we didn't seen each other since high school's last i called her number,n we continue chatting almost 1 hour even though she knew how busy she will be in another 1-2 hours to get ready for her wedding.but she told me " i don't want this meaningful memorable time elapse without you, so i want you to be with me on the last moment of being a virgin"...n a big laughed awaken the tranquil dawn..n then without realizing little my tears began to flow from my eyes..still..a grinned sculptered..that day, i enjoyed with laughters n jokes surrounded by all my cousins n relatives..we really had the best moment n i thought she might enjoy her day too.. the next day i went down to a mall,finding one present for her to be mailed to her soon for he 'belated-wished'-wedding present...she might not be my best friend but she was the best among my friend during old days..

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