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We live to learn, and learn to live.... Life is not a fairytale, nor a princess story... Even after thousand times been deceived.. The greatest point is where we able to stand up from fallen apart...

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December 21, 2008

Hahaha...this post is not about me going England..but this evening, i went for my friend's departure from Britain as she had finished her course abroad there..n what is really funny is, we never meet b4 n just known virtually (of course via IM lah) n she's also my boi's friend.regardless then,i got "ole-ole" from her..a handphone stripe, written E.N.G.L.A.N.D n she gave me the RED one..i really love red..thanks friend,Nad..we actually went there as my boi "ordered" his most wanted Liverpool blanket~sigh~man~~~footbal~~sigh again~~ wutever la..@least i got one merchandise from there..hahahathanks again fren..GoodLuck with ur next course here n not to forget.."welcome home"....(n this remind me when i came back from Japan...what a missing memory....still miss Nihon...)

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