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December 22, 2007

the growth of "inDie" baNd muSic

not a musician,even a music critics..jz a listener n
not really-big-die-hard-fan of indie band..but out of nowhere,
i lovee mostly the underground band away from mainstream,
n always described as youth only-supported-musician,n sometimes been
labeled with skinny thight jeans,"gerbang" hairy- hair,localized,music-oriented,
punk or metal scenes n etc...usually going underground n do-it-yourself recording and
publishing makes them freely to put "la-la-la" or "yeaw-hau-hau" n others in the
bridge,or the ending as well..the music can be both in malay or english..once,
they were unwell-known n with the internet spreading now allows them
to introduce to us,n promoting 4 their songs/albums..nice!

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