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December 30, 2007


Another new portal for youngsters in here,Malaysia..xFresh or been shortformed as xFm. I accidentally found the station when i wanna log in my account at dvrplayer to hear n i saw sumthing not familiar before. Then i try to click on it's virtual radio station which later happened to be xFresh's. What's really interesting here that got attract me here is they only play the new Malaysian music n that's y they've been known as 'new-Malaysia music portal'. No more songs from Indonesian,U.K,U.S...
They used to be exist for making place for especially Burn and Adi Fashla, the newbie freshie artists that time which were just graduated from 1st season of Akademi Fantasia. Early eliminated from the program make them choose to be a jox rather than a singer .But it only turned out that less than a year after being a xFm's jox, Adi was switched to Era.Fm. Half n a year later,Burn joined him.

Guys, listen to xFm n i bet u won't regret it. Cool songs n stuff here n wut's more important is they supporting Malaysia's Indie Band (^o^)!!! But even there's lack of jox, xFresh still maintain it's reputation as 1st choice for me.. xFm..we're not hot'we're cool~~ "kami tak hot,kami cool~~~"

Listen to xFrEsH

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