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November 20, 2010

this week was a rushed and tiring one for me..
yea, it was Eid Adha but i didn't get chances to wish to y' all so, think it's not too late as we still celebrating it right?? ( don't u know Eid Adha was celebrated more happening and bump than Eid Fitri in late Prophet Muhammad PBUH's era : Takbir during EidFitri is just in one day but on EidAdha, takbir is pray out on 4 days of celebration )
I had a rough day on the 1st Hari Raya where me and my mom didn't get enough sleep (of course la because of all the preparation on the night before : masak2 rendang, ketupat etc..)
ouh,n hey! i made myself a triffle y'know!it was my first time..hahaha..

ini adalah ketika pemprosesan. . . tgah tuang puding choc..yummyy

pandangan tepi.. lebih kurg danak siap...gamba da siap xde..dlm camera ayah cz last minute handphone bateri kong suda...

wake up with the 'panda eyes', we went to Solat Hari Raya and back home then, my chores still waited up for me.. another preparation to bring all the cook goods and everything else to kampung. ( thought that i could get atleast 5mins nap but i couldn't!!cried out loud that day <--lie!!)

so, we spent day till night at my kampung, Klang. i was surprised because i intended to bring choc cake to kampung but didn't manage to do it so as i decided to bought the cake at sek 17 P.J at Tuesday's pasar malam but i was at my hometown.but my aunt bought the big one (totally from the same kiosk but the bigger one lah ) and i jumped2 here and there like a monkey! thanks Cik Jah!

and after having so much fun with atok and nenek, we get back home around 11 p.m and..... yes.. i had so much chores to do.. again.. clean up here and there..
the day after that, my stomach pulak buat hal .. having severe pain and couldn't get up ( it was once in a month's illness..well, u know lah,perempuan) what i hate the most is, the pain is like someone is blading inside ur stomach..urghhhhh....!!
and yesterday plak my head take turn, so dizzy sampai my mom bagi m.c kat i, keje i lipat kain saje..hehehe..suka2!! (owh!happy2!! melompat2 mcm beruk lagi : chehsss... purak2 sakit yaaa~~)

so... that was my Eid Adha... with loads of dugaan .. and something else also happened (but i don't intend to story about it ) but i guess, i have to learn the meaning of "pengorbanan" in my life.. it's not just to sacrifice what you have but maybe, to learn what you get instead of losing something.. u might have or learn something better than what u lose in the end.. wallahua'lam..

note : owh and my niece QishPottPott is here!!!!

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