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September 23, 2010

oh myy~~~owh my!!! owhmmeeee~~!!!!!!

majidegozaimasuka !!!!! (info : tiada terms ayat jpn spt ini,jgn tiru)

almost fainted when see this ad @ some e-newspaper today

if u're working,u're very lucky...grab this opportunity ..bkn sng nkdpt tiket bwh 1k g Nihon!
siapela yg bermurah hati nk bg saya tiket free ini yek??isk..isk...

for more info, click image awek cute pkai kimono above.....^^


Ummu~Ishak said...

jom pi jepang!

Lyndha said...

aku cek dh 1k lebih. adik aku ckp pg td baru 3 rat..uwaaa! melepas!!! tetekan!!!

cLovErX said...

kak ummu : moh pakak rama2... hehe

nyahs : tu la, musti bnyk dah abeh neh..spe xnak weyy 3rat je g jepong..