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December 31, 2009

once in a blue moon

post ini adalah tntg 'bulan' which is i'll expand it later...
but for mukaddimah aku nk story about 'bumi' dulu...
eh,wait..bukan aku nk bercerita psl geografi bumi ke,proses bumi ke...but the unpredictable n unbelievable story that i did sit for a geology class, "Proses-Proses Permukaan Bumi". (yer..aku tau...takperlu wat muke terkejut tuh...)
aduh..cmner le nih.i was not intended to register for the class tapi kursus luar jabatan laen da pnuh plak.patutnye elakkan amek subjek Geo/Bio/Fizik..sbb that's 3 damn killer major that i hate the most...ahaks!!Maths plak often clashes with Chemistry subjects.tgk lect mcm okay but a lil bit bored(plus klas kul 8pg..mane tak ngntuk!!!)
..i'll give it a try for this week n if it gradually will birth butterfly in my perut..then i'll flush it away...( senonoh ayat..tkbaek tul)

okey then, we'll start the story mori about moon..well,with loads of time spending in front of lappy lately,i recently often read news from internet..(whoa~apakah...) n suddenly a link that appeared(act,popped out) while i was surfing ape mende ntah...x ingat..huhuhu

a full moon yer adek2

found that this new year eve (night before newyear) is going to be "once in a blue moon" which is a real "blue moon" is going to come out...why it was called a blue moon?bcoz, last awal Disember dah ade full moon n this 31st Dec akan muncul lagi full moon which will make Dec 2009 is a month that has 2 full month in it.bukannye bulan itu berwarna biru ye adek2,kawan2...this occurs only 2.5years once..a rare phenomenon...
so that explains the idioms "once in a blue moon"

yerla,bukanke Jumaat malam sabtu nih 15 Muharram kan?so it'll be a full moon lah...tapi the news said it'll only visible pd mlm newyear around Europe.kat sini malam 2 January 2010 lah....(sbb Malaysia kat East kn..)
is someone going to book a flight ticket for me for Europe??? :P (glancing..)huhuhuh...

anyway,ape pun yg bakal berlaku ataupun tak akan berlaku...aku akan tetap tunggu new year nih..bukan utk celebrate...tapi utk muhasabbah diri, mengimbau ape yg telah berlaku, memperbetulkan,membaik-pulih (cam mekanik plak) dan menambah ape yang perlu..
yg penting,aku dah ade list utk ape mende2 kat atas yg perlu aku kawan2... ape azam tahun baru kita??bukan menyambung azam tahun lepas ye..huhuhh..

Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru 2010
Happy New Year 2010
Akemashite Omedetou 2010
Xin Nian Hao 2010
Bonne année 2010 عام سعيد 2010

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