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We live to learn, and learn to live.... Life is not a fairytale, nor a princess story... Even after thousand times been deceived.. The greatest point is where we able to stand up from fallen apart...

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April 5, 2009


On 04-04-2009, there were held MPS2 at Sheraton Hotel, Subang Jaya... we been there by my petit cute Kelisa, 4 of us (me, azai, afa, & ela)..alongside with us on the dinner table was Sharel, Faizul, Fauzi (afa's nasyid junior) and Wan (Faizul's roomate)..Chinese cuisine were the meals........the theme was MERAH PUTIH WANGiAN KEdAMAiANright to left : afa, me, azai, ela

on the dining table..suffering with the empty stomach..

with ela

with afa

with shahrel

i jz love my shoes afterall..;D

with azai


heh..lastly i put my pic with the pose that i never do funny..i forgot wut the thing i steped in named but it attracted me n azai to pose on it....hahahahaha

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