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November 23, 2008

haPpY buRfday aYah....

the cake, we bought for ayah from Secret Recipe...Carrot Brownies,RM60++

Especially dedicated to my beloved 'ayah' (daddy), Mr. Khamsah...

But this morning was a lil bit funny story tough..Woke up not really 'early'- 10 o'clock in the morning without realizing what date was this morning..and after shower suddenly my elder sis, (below me..17 this year,seating for SPM) remind me,

" hey,u know right what day's today?"
"ya..i know,sunday.." with so what-nothing big matter-face straighly n sharpen my view on her
"it's "ayah's" birthday, cruel evil"
owh..gosh!almost forgot......not!...forgot already... is my dad's birthday.And i woke up late on his special day.What a 'nice' daughter..Suppose i did something special,something like treatment,or give him one day-coupon for spa but that's really need talks nowadays..
then i just came out with letting him resting n takin whole day-break without doing nothing...except for the breakfast that he did when i was sleeping..woahh..

What actually make today was so special is, the breakfast that ayah made. For long time we haven't eat ayah's handmade Bolognese n today what a marvelous n delicious spaghetti i had had!...Thankyou ayah!

This is what he said when we kissed him wishing Happy Birthday, "Supposed today i just lay down on bed,relaxing while watching my fav AXN/HBO/ESPN etc. n u guys did breakfast for me..but i was the 1st person woke up this morning instead.."

and all we could do was just grinning.......=P =) =D

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